Abortion Research Compendium – India

Health workforce and service delivery

In a sustainable abortion ecosystem, public and private evidence-based abortion services are shaped by individual and community needs. Services are free of stigma, respect human rights and are available through a trained and supported health workforce that meet clinical and service delivery standards.

An intervention to improve the quality of medication abortion knowledge among pharmacists in India

2019 Diamond-Smith N, Phillips B, Percher J, Saxena M, Dwivedi P, Srivastava A

Pathways to seeking medication abortion care: A qualitative research in Uttar Pradesh, India

2019 Srivastava A, Saxena M, Percher J, Diamond-Smith N

Provision of medical methods of abortion in facilities in India in 2015: A six state comparison

2019 Moore AM, Stillman M, Shekhar C, Kalyanwala S, Acharya R, Singh S, Pradhan MR, Alagarajan M

Abortion & unintended pregnancy in six Indian states: findings and implications for policies and programs

2018 Susheela Singh Rubina Hussain Chander Shekhar Rajib Acharya Ann M. Moore Melissa Stillman Manas R. Pradhan Jennifer J. Frost Harihar Sahoo Manoj Alagarajan Aparna Sundaram Shveta Kalyanwala Haley Ball

Changes in abortion service provision in Bihar and Jharkhand states, India between 2004 and 2013

2018 Creanga AA, Singh KK, Li Q, Fruhauf T, Tsui AO