Abortion Research Compendium – India


The sustainable supply of abortion drugs and related supplies requires a supply chain where local systems are committed to having commodities available at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity and in the right condition. A person's health decisions are based on need and preference, not on what is in stock.

Unsafe abortion: Combating the silent menace

2021 Shilpa Mishra,Sudhanshu Kumar Rath

Abortion Self-Care: A Forward-Looking Solution To Inequitable Access

2020 Vázquez-Quesada L,Shukla A,Vieitez I,Acharya R,RamaRao S. 

Availability of medical abortion drugs in the markets of six Indian states

2020 VS Chandrashekar,Debanjana Choudhuri,Ananya Vajpeyi,Alok Srivastava,Kalpa Sharma

Understanding Marketeer’s Perceptions on Medical Abortion Drugs: Not a Viable Business Anymore

2020 VS Chandrashekar,Debanjana Choudhuri,Ananya Vajpeyi

Is self-use of medical abortion a viable option?: A systematic review of global evidence with a special focus on India

2018 Banerjee Sushanta K,Shveta Kalayanwala,Vinoj Manning,Kathryn L. Andersen,Ritu Raj,Arpita Das