Abortion Research Compendium – India

Health workforce and service delivery

In a sustainable abortion ecosystem, public and private evidence-based abortion services are shaped by individual and community needs. Services are free of stigma, respect human rights and are available through a trained and supported health workforce that meet clinical and service delivery standards.

Abortion Self-Care: A Forward-Looking Solution To Inequitable Access

2020 Vázquez-Quesada L,Shukla A,Vieitez I,Acharya R,RamaRao S. 

Count data regression modeling: an application to spontaneous abortion

2020 Verma P, Swain PK, Singh KK, Khetan M

Incidence of treatment for postabortion complications in India, 2015

2020 Singh S, Hussain R, Shekhar C, Acharya R, Stillman M, Moore AM

Preparing for an increased need for abortion access in India during and after COVID-19: Challenges and Strategies

2020 Chandrasekaran S, Diamond-Smith N, Srinivasan K, Dalvie S

Providing quality abortion care: Findings from a study of six states in India

2020 Shekhar C, Sundaram A, Alagarajan M, Pradhan MR, Sahoo H