Abortion Research Compendium – India

Abortion Research Compendium

Published and unpublished research studies, papers, policy briefs, grey literature, and related abortion resources from across India – all together in one place.

Abortion research compendium is an online repository of over 200 recent research studies and related resources on abortion. By consolidating these resources in a single place, our goal is to ease access to available research studies on abortions; to leverage available evidence and synergize efforts; and to guide scope of future research based on gap areas. The dynamic compendium will be periodically updated.

The abortion ecosystem

At Ipas Development Foundation, we are committed towards nurturing a sustainable abortion ecosystem. The approach starts by centering the individual, with the goal of achieving a better understanding of the complexity of the environment in which people make abortion decisions — we call that environment, the abortion ecosystem. The framework has eight key components to achieve balance and ensure a committed, responsive system for abortion care.

In line with the ecosystem framework, we have categorized all research studies in this repository under the eight components of the abortion ecosystem.

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The abortion research compendium is home to published and unpublished research conducted in India, along with a range of other useful resources on abortion.

The comprehensive repository came together as a result of a thorough, systematic process. We compiled recent research publications (2017 onwards) through two key approaches – first, an extensive search on PubMed database through a structured query to define detailed search parameters, and second, by contacting individuals and relevant organizations to seek their work in the abortion domain. We then screened, assessed eligibility, and segregated them into categories based on type of publications – and further catalogued them under the eight components of the abortion ecosystem framework for a structured representation of available evidence on abortions in India.

While soliciting research publications, we also received a range of other useful resources – including technical documents, briefs, factsheets, blogs and videos which have been categorized and presented under the section Abortion Resources.

Since the launch of this dynamic Abortion Research Compendium, we continued to review recent research studies and related resources on abortion. In this phase two initiative, we added a total of 27 research records in November 2023. These include journal articles – 26, and unpublished research – 1.

We thank all individuals and organizations who contributed their abortion research and resources for the compendium.