Abortion Research Compendium – India

Health workforce and service delivery

In a sustainable abortion ecosystem, public and private evidence-based abortion services are shaped by individual and community needs. Services are free of stigma, respect human rights and are available through a trained and supported health workforce that meet clinical and service delivery standards.

The association between intimate partner violence and recent self-managed abortion in India

2021 Sophie L Goemans,Abhishek Singh,Ajit Kumar Yadav,Lotus McDougal,Anita Raj,Sarah H Averbach

The case for the use of telehealth for abortion in India

2021 Sruthi Chandrasekaran,V.S. Chandrashekar,Suchitra Dalvie,Anand Sinha

Unsafe abortion: Combating the silent menace

2021 Shilpa Mishra,Sudhanshu Kumar Rath