Abortion Research Compendium – India

Community social norms and support

In a sustainable abortion ecosystem, social norms are free of abortion stigma and discrimination and support people's ability to exercise their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Moreover, women and girls seeking care have access to social support from a diverse range of community members.

"It's a walk of shame" : Experiences of unintended pregnancy and abortion among sexual- and gender-minoritized females in urban India

2021 Jessamyn Bowling,Megan Simmons,Donna Blekfeld-Sztraky,Elizabeth Bartelt,Brian Dodge,Vikram Sundarraman,Brindaa Lakshmi,Debby Herbenick

Pathways to seeking medication abortion care: A qualitative research in Uttar Pradesh, India

2019 Srivastava A, Saxena M, Percher J, Diamond-Smith N