Abortion Research Compendium – India

Understanding Marketeer’s Perceptions on Medical Abortion Drugs: Not a Viable Business Anymore
VS Chandrashekar,Debanjana Choudhuri,Ananya Vajpeyi

While, in many countries, policies have been changed to make access to MA easier, in India, restrictions seem to be more than before. To understand the gap between markets, users and manufacturers, FRHS India conducted a study on ‘marketeer’s perspective’ on the issue, to learn from them on the gaps. To understand the impact and perspective of the marketeers on the MA drugs’ distribution and sales over the past few years, due to increased scrutiny, FRHS India connected with 10 companies, private and social enterprises to participate in the study. We were able to interview five respondents from five organisations – two from private and three from social enterprises.

Chandrashekar, VS, Choudhuri, D, FRHS India, Marketeer Study Report, 2020.

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